The ‘environmental problem’ is about air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, extinction of species, global warming, overfishing, toxicants in the food chain, urban sprawl.

Current opinion about the environmental problem.

Common opinion blames humans for causing the environmental problem. This is correct, but only if we realize that it is not our ‘human’ but our ‘natural’ qualities that are to blame. ‘Human’ characteristics are often compared unfavourably with ‘nature’. For example, it is said that God has created harmony and balance in nature, and humans have disturbed the equilibrium. Moralists of all sorts pollute the discussion. Conservationists blame the big industries, feminists blame men, religious people point the finger to materialism and loss of faith, sociologists mourn individualism and the falling apart of social structures, the poor blame the rich and vice versa.

Overpopulation is cause of the environmental problem

International conferences, like those on global warming, try to set standards or goals to which governments must agree. The emission of greenhouse gases must be reduced. The protection of endangered species and forest areas must be enforced. Nuclear waste disposal must be strictly regulated, in short ‘sustainable development’, the magic words of our time, must be promoted.
However, although these conferences bring together a lot of people of good will, usually from the same middle class, and although everyone becomes more and more ‘aware’, the real solution is far away. This is because the real cause of the environmental problem is overpopulation. Many people realize this, but they are unable to place it on the agenda. There is great resistance on the part of politicians, economists, scientists and moralists to see overpopulation as the root cause. They have no problem with the idea that the poor countries are overpopulated, but the rich West, they believe, has solved the population problem by reducing family size to 4 individuals. This modern nuclear family is considered to be an ideal. It is promoted worldwide by campaigns, (sexual) health programmes, movies, government policies, church doctrine and so on. Yet, it is precisely the family ideology which prevents a real solution to pollution.

Environmental problem is a consequencepollution

The environmental problem is not an independent phenomenon, it has not come about accidentally in our time, it is not a partial problem that can be separately solved. In short, it is not a cause but a consequence, not an illness but a symptom. The illness is overpopulation. Overpopulation is the sole underlying cause of the environmental problem. And because overpopulation comes from ‘natural’ sexual reproduction, the environmental problem is a sexual problem.
It is not the typical ‘human’ characteristics that cause the environmental problem. Rather it is the 99% ape in us. In other words, the ecological disaster is a natural catastrophe caused by the natural human urge to reproduce. Reproduction is connected with gender distinction, the restriction of love and the family ideal, all of them elements of the sexual system. This is the cause of overpopulation and thus the environmental problem. Our ‘nature’ is not to be seen as the opposite of ‘culture’. Human culture for the most part is a representation of our ‘nature’, simply because the sexual system is expressed in all areas of culture. From clothing and language to sports and games, from social values and ethical norms to music and dance, from politics and economy to education and care, everywhere the sexual structure constitutes the world.

The environmental problem will grow worseenvironment

The world has been overpopulated for years. Even if the number of people did not increase anymore (which is impossible), it would be impossible, under the given circumstances, for everyone to have a decent life. The structure of the world itself, economical, political, social, for the most part expresses human nature. In the short term, the population and the need for goods and services is expected to increase over the coming 50 years, and thus the environmental problem will also grow worse. The naked and natural struggle for survival will create a horror scenario of unparalleled death and destruction, and our only hope lies in a ‘human’ solution: to change the reproductive and sexual order.

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