scabies (the itch)

when I said that I had the itch, I had a seat just like that!

Scabies, too, is not a real STI, because it is not transmitted by sexual intercourse, but by intimate contact, sleeping in the same bed, wearing the same clothes, or using the same towels.

Scabies is caused by mites, very tiny animals, invisible to the naked eye, that are occurring almost everywhere, on every surface in the world, including our own. Thousands of mites, for instance, live and die in your eyelashes.

Symptoms of scabiesthe scabies mite

The females of the scabies mite, which occurs near the genitals, but also in other parts of our bodies, lay their eggs under the skin. After a few days, young mites come out and mature within some weeks. When present in sufficient numbers, the scabies mite causes itching, which can be violent, especially at night. The itch can occur between the fingers or on the wrists. Near the genitals, red spots occur. Scratching can damage the skin.

Treatment of scabies

The family doctor can be consulted, or you can treat the scabies yourself with a gel or ointment from the chemist’s. Clothes that have been worn aired. Also inform those who may have caught the scabies mite from you.

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