pubic lice (crabs)


Pubic lice occur in the hair around the genitals, but also under the armpits, and on the chest.

They can be transmitted by intimate (sexual) contact, sleeping in the same bed, using the same towels or wearing the same clothes. Pubic lice, therefore is not a real sexually transmitted infection, because no sexual intercourse is required.

Symptoms of pubic lice

You notice pubic lice because of the itching. If you look carefully, if necessary through a magnifying glass, you can see the lice. They look slightly different from head lice.

Treatment of pubic licepubic lice

Pubic lice can be treated with a powder on liquid, which can be bought at the chemist’s. Of course, one can also go to the family doctor with this complaint. In addition to treating the affected area, clothing and bed linen must be washed carefully, and mattresses and pillows must be aired. Also, those who may have caught pubic lice through contact with you or your bedclothes should be informed.

For more information see:

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