withdrawal (coitus interruptus)

Also called ‘pulling out in time’, or ‘leave church before the singing starts’, this method is widely used, and definitely reduces the chance of conception, especially if it is restricted to the safe days of the month. The boy withdraws the penis just when he is about to have an orgasm. Ejaculation comes after orgasm, so there is time enough, as he comes outside the vagina, to squirt his semen on the ground, into a handkerchief, on the thighs or belly of the girl. 

In the standard sex education texts, withdrawal is considered an unsafe method. In some texts, the warnings against it are one-sided and exaggerated, which is counterproductive.

Advantages of the withdrawal method

  • no medication is required
  • no mechanical or other object is involve
  • it is always at hand

Disadvantages of the withdrawal method

  • it makes the girl dependent on the boy
  • some people do not like the idea of rational control in lovemaking
  • live sperm are said to have been found in pre-cum, the fluid which a penis produces during arousal for the purpose of lubrication

withdrawal (coitus interruptus)So the withdrawal method is far from perfect, and it’s a good thing better methods have come along. But these better methods also have their drawbacks, and for certain people and situations the withdrawal method is quite a suitable alternative. It is a matter of practice and skill to use the withdrawal method correctly. The best user is a boy who can postpone his orgasm long enough for the girl to climax first. The girl must have little difficulty in climaxing, or not care whether she comes through intercourse or by manual or oral stimulation (see Sexual skills ). Also couples, who do not like any of the other methods, can use the withdrawal method if they do not worry too much about the possibility of another pregnancy.

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