how to use a condom

It is a good thing to know how to use a condom. Anybody may find themselves in a situation where they want to make love and go all the way, yet they want to avoid pregnancy or an infection (see genital infections).

This may happen to young and old, married or unmarried people, close friends or relative strangers. Using a condom is a very simple thing too, once you know how to do it. Some people dislike the use of condoms because they do not know how to use them or are afraid to buy them. The condom is a typical male thing, so it is the boy who must feel primarily responsible for using it properly. He can begin by practising on his own first. When he masturbates, he can try it with a condom on. He will easily discover that the ‘feeling’ is not any different.

Putting on a condom while alone

It is also a good idea to put the condom on while the penis is still soft. Hold the tip between thumb and finger (to make a space for the semen to go) and roll the condom down over the penis as far as possible. You can watch it grow hard and see that the condom makes no difference. This is also good practice for when you have sex with a partner, because then, too, you can put the condom on before you start kissing and caressing each other, and so there is no need to interrupt the lovemaking before intercourse. It is also reassuring for a partner to know that you take this kind of precaution.

Putting on a condom during love making

how to use the condom

The condom can also also be put on during love making. It is only a short interruption which can be made part of the game. It’s very good if a girl can learn to put it on. It is not difficult, but again you have to be very gentle, hold the top between finger and thumb and roll the condom down all the way. When you enter the vagina, make sure the condom is moist or lubricated on the outside, so that it causes no irritation to the vagina. Most condoms are pre-lubricated, but you can make it extra moist with saliva or lubricate it with a lubricating gel that can be bought at any drugstore.

Dislike of using a condom

During intercourse a certain cooperation and mutual simple pleasure-giving between lovers is required. If there is any kind of disruption or violent change of position, or an emotional conflict causing the penis to become soft, it usually spoils the fun, so that it is difficult to have another erection with the same condom on. This is one of the experiences that people have. It makes them dislike condoms.

After ejaculation

After orgasm and ejaculation, the penis becomes soft again. This may take a few minutes or longer. When the boy feels the hardness going, he must hold the condom while withdrawing his penis from the vagina. This way the condom cannot slip off inside the vagina. The filled condom can be dropped on the floor and picked up later to be disposed of.