genital warts

Warts can occur in different places on the body. They are caused by viruses which are of different types. These viruses have been present in the population since time immemorial. Warts are manifest in a relatively large number of people (1 in 3000). The virus of genital warts is only transmitted by sexual contact.

The warts manifest themselves in and near hot moist places, such as the opening of the vagina, the anus or on the glance and foreskin of the penis. The chance of infection is greatest when there are visible warts present. Once the infection has taken place, the warts appear some weeks or up to a year after the infection.

Symptoms of genital warts

Genital warts do not hurt, but they may cause some itching. It is sensible to treat genital warts as soon as possible, in order to prevent them from spreading.

Treatment of genital warts

The treatment of ordinary warts consists of freezing, cutting, or burning, sometimes under local anaesthetic. The best and most comfortable treatment of genital warts is an ointment called Aldara, which can be bought at the chemist’s. The virus of genital warts can continue to lie dormant, and in principle can manifest itself again. Some people have warts more often than others, who, after treatment, may never experienced them again.

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