Islamism is a reaction to Americanism or Westernism in general. In Europe the first political movement has come up to oppose the cultural hegemony of conservative christianism and liberalism. It forms political parties specifically aimed against right-wing anti-foreigners parties, but in general it is a protest against discrimination in all spheres of life.

Islamism and immigration

The growing number of foreign immigrants, asylum seekers, and illegal economic migrants fleeing from poverty or family conflict have created their own kind of strain on western societies. This has caused friction and resentment among natives and has created a spiral of mutual distrust and resentment. So long as the standard of living remains high, there will be no more than incidents, however passionately they may be experienced by individuals or expressed through the media. And so under these conditions, islamism will not become a significant power in a strongly secularized world.

Islamism, a conservative approach to politicsa conservative approach

Islamism itself, like every ism, is a conservative approach to politics. Because it is based on religion. It appeals to the feeling of being victimized, to resentment about all kinds of unpleasantness in everyday life, to the need for power and respect. Thus it voices and unifies the anger discontent about life in many different types of people. It creates an enemy who is recognizably different and who can be represented as Evil, be it in a very abstract form. Islamism is fundamentalist by nature, and will be another force at work in creating an atmosphere of regression to a more primitive level of life. The reason is simple: islamism automatically accepts and supports the sexual system in society, the difference between the sexes, the primacy of the family, the control of lust. Thus, ironically, it strives for the same system that is ultimately responsible for the injustice that many foreigners experience. As long as political ideologies do not explicitly denounce the sexual system, no significant changes in the social fabric can be expected from them