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No climax during sex

No climax during sex; abstract depiction of ecstasyI'm a 23-year old girl and I have never had an orgasm during intercourse or by manual or oral stimulation. Also if someone kisses my clitoris, I just can't get to the top of the hill and over it..
But when I play with myself, I have no problem at all. I am ashamed about not coming, especially when a boy does his utmost to make me feel good. I don't have a steady relationship, but I do have sex with the same boy on a regular basis.
Is there a solution for this? Can I practise on my own? I always stimulate myself in the same special way, have done so since I was twelve. Could that be the cause of the problem? I'm used to a special technique, and maybe I cannot come in any other way? I hope there is a solution for this without me having to go into therapy or something.
The boys that I have been to bed with tell me that their other girl friends never had any problems with this, and even climaxed through intercourse, without any stimulation of the clitoris. But stimulation of the clitoris is necessary, isn't it? Am I an exception?

Statistics of female orgasmNo climax during sex: reaching a climax during masturbation
It is not known exactly how many girls are anorgasmic (do not have an orgasm) with a partner, while they easily climax through masturbation when alone. Probably the number is quite high. It is a fact that, as girls grow older and have more quality experience, their ability to climax with a partner, even without direct stimulation of the clitoris, increases. But even then, among women claiming to have a happy relationship, 1 in 6 does not come on a regular basis. This can be annoying if the partner does his best, and you get the feeling that there is something wrong with you. Some women even become cynical about the whole exercise, mocking the men who try so hard to make them come with tricks learned from books, but without true feeling. Such males there are, no doubt.

No climax during sex: conditions for reaching an orgasm
Supposing, however, that you have a good relationship with your friend (s), the following information may be useful to you:
In order to reach the climax, the following conditions must prevail: desire, arousal and effective stimulation. These conditions are met when you masturbate. The essential point is probably that you feel completely free: there is no sense of inhibition or the need to show behaviour that you do not feel. So the question is: What is different when you are not by yourself, but with someone else?

No climax during sex; sculptures of couples making loveNo climax during sex: desire
Do you feel as horny as when you masturbate on your own? Are you really full of desire to go to bed with this boy, longing to hold him, touch him, kiss him, play with his penis, want him to play with you, have him inside you? If this is not the case, what are the factors that inhibit you? Is the sex safe enough? Are you thinking about the last time you were together and your 'failure' to have an orgasm then? Feeling a little inhibition in company is normal, but worries should not be so big as to dull the appetite.

No climax during sex: getting sufficiently aroused
Do you get sufficiently aroused? Probably you get aroused and reach what is called the 'plateau phase' (see the sexual response), from which orgasms can spring. You know this stage from experience, when you feel excited, your heart beats faster, you are hot and wet. Yet at the same time you are aware of yourself and of the boy working on you. You feel you need a specific touch or technique (the one you use on your own) to help you make the jump into orgasm. And so, whatever he tries and however much you want to, you can't. You begin to be an observer rather than a partaker. Then, after perhaps other attempts, you become less aroused, and any more work done by the boy is wasted and even slightly irritating.

No climax during sex: learning to masturbate
Obviously, the technique the boy uses is not your own. So you must somehow explain it to him. Most boys are quite happy to get this information, because they genuinely want to give pleasure.
After a while, you may begin to feel so comfortable with him, that you may find you can come through another technique. It is a good idea to learn to vary your own masturbation technique. Try something else and don't give it up, and you'll find there are many roads leading to Rome.
It is true that a girl can have an orgasm (or more) by sexual intercourse alone, so without direct stimulation of the clitoris. You, too, could experience that, if you get out of your present impasse and take the following remarks to heart:

No climax during sex; cover of good orgasm guideNo climax during sex: tips


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