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The sexual society

The sexual society; family supporting worldWhen we want to get an idea of life somewhere on the planet earth we may collect information about geography and history of the country we are interested in and find an answer to some of our questions. On which continent is it located and how is the climate there? Are there floods, earthquakes, droughts, landslides, tornadoes, active volcanoes? How is the relationship with the neighboring countries? Does it have minerals, oil, natural gas? Does it have a rich soil suitable for agriculture or cattle grazing? Are there fish in its waters? What do people manufacture and export? What is the level of technical development? What is the income per head? How is the demographic structure? Is it a democracy or a dictatorship? Does everybody have the right to vote? How is the health care organized and is there preventive care? Does religion play a big part in government and daily life? Does every child go to school? What is the status of human rights and how are minority groups treated? Are there tensions between groups that lead to terrorism or civil war? Is everybody happy?
There is no country on earth where everybody is happy all the time, but the average state of happiness can be measured and it is possible to rank order countries by the degree of happiness of their population.

A society is a collection of families
The underlying assumption in this way of looking at things is that society and circumstances determine the life of individuals from the top downward. The opposite is equally true. Let's turn it around and look from the bottom upward. The basis of the society - every society - is the sexual system and therefor we use the term "sexual society".
A society is a collection of families. We are born and grow up in a family and when we leave it to find a sexual partner of our own to start a new family and raise a next generation. The nucleus of the family is a mother and her child(ren). Close to them is the husband/father and other family members, a number of friends and acquaintances. The family is the daily environment of individuals, it is surrounded by people and places that provide food and the satisfaction of other needs. Strangers may be seen as a potential threat to safety, prosperity or status and/or as objects of sexual fantasies.
Every large scale development in society like economics, industry, trade, traffic, education, health care, politics as well as inequality, limitation of freedom, injustice, epidemics, poverty, war and destruction involves families and can be seen as coming forth from the sexual system.


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