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Our origin



Human origin; all individuals come from a female bodyDid it ever occur to you that all the people you know and all the people you don't know, rich or poor, at one time have been babies that came out of their mother's womb? And that all those mothers have in their turn been babies born from their mothers? This way you can go back in history from mother to grandmother to great grandmother and so on. The time needed for a woman to grow up and get a child is called a generation. Right now women have their first child on average at age twenty-five; a hundred years ago at twenty. Let's say it takes about five hundred generations of mothers to go back ten thousand years.
People that lived ten thousand years ago certainly would be dazzled if they could take a look at all the new discoveries that have made our lives so much easier than theirs, but in every other way they were much the same as we are. They spoke a language, and had a religion and cultural values that were transmitted to the younger generation.



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