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The pill

The pill is one of the most effective ways of preventing pregnancy. It contains hormones similar to the natural hormones in your body, which regulate your ovulation and menstruation.

How the pill works
The hormones in the pill have the following effects:

Advantages of the pillHow the pill works

Disadvantages of the pill

The two main types of pillThe Progesterone Only  pill

When is the pill not safe?

What to do if one or two pills are forgotten?
Just continue taking the pill in the usual way, but practice safe sex for the next seven days. After that, you are protected again.

Can you become pregnant even though you take the pill?
Theoretically, yes. It happens to one woman in a hundred taking the pill during a full year. So the chance is very small. Do not believe all the gossip you hear or read on the Internet or in some magazines.


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